Jodi & Donni:

Words cannot begin to express how thankful we are for everything you have done for us, especially Z****… [who] has made such progress and is a loving soul due in part to the love, affection, and guidance you have shown him. Because of you Z**** has an amazing foundation from which to take his next step and he truly loves you. Thank you. Thank you.


Few families have more to be grateful for than ours. Now we can add your preschool to that list. I wanted to let you know what impact you have made for our family. When our grown daughter moved home with our wonderfully energetic grandson last summer, we knew working for a living entailed her finding child care for our grand little boy. None of us were ready to settle for just any place. Our little guy is “scrappy” and fun loving and we want to keep him that way. He loves his school. He is succeeding in social contacts with your help. He loves seeing his friends at school. He is able to work out his wiggles effectively and amazingly still settle down for rest time. He is learning some of his letters from desk time, and gets a chance to creatively use the toys in imaginative play with the other children. Picky eating has also become less of an issue since he is learning to eat what others at the table are consuming to our delight.

The time we spend at your center is uplifting and joyful. We return home better from having your company during the day.

Thank you again for all your hard work and love for us and our boy. God Bless.


My daycare was pretty amazing. I met all my best friends there and we’re all still best friends [13 years later]. I liked how involved all the kids were, like going to the bus stop, or hanging around outside on the playground. Also I loved how we could express our creativity, like the time L*** interviewed me with a fishing pole (instead of a microphone). I loved the summer time with the sprinkler and we all tried to run away from it but it would catch us anyway. I liked when we could be barefoot in the yard and chase each other, or go down the hill in the wagon.

I learned a lot of new graces to say thanks for our food. I learned better manners, and being around the older kids I learned a lot of vocabulary. I learned how to treat others respectfully, instead of being so selfish. I always fell asleep with a book at my nap mat, and I still love to read. We would read every day, and every time we asked Irvina to read she’d stop what she was doing and read to us.

I’m so excited to work there – I can’t wait till I’m old enough. I’d get to work with Irvina, and relive my childhood memories as an older person. And instead of actually taking a nap, I’d be watching the little kids take a nap.


I want to thank you for all that you have done for [our children] the last five years. Your guidance and inspiration have helped shape them into the wonderful children they’ve become.


Irvina has been a god-send to our family in so many ways… We were so blessed to find her when our daughters were infants. As the years have gone by and our daughters have grown up, our relationship with Irvina has grown and blossomed into way more than we could have imagined. Both my husband and I have the highest respect for Irvina’s skills and knowledge as our chidcare provider, as do our children. In fact, my daughters both are so excited about the day that they will be old enough to be able to get a job with Irvina to help teach and play with the children.

My daughters loved going there and have fond memories of all the good times and fun things they learned there. Every year she would have the children make special little mementos that would be gifts for the parents, that have now become cherished heirlooms of their time spent in her program.

Irvina became my confidant when I needed advise on many levels of personal and child-rearing questions, including sickness, behavior, emotional, learning, etc., just to name a few. She was (and still is) my “go to” person when I don’t know the answer or need help coming up with a good solution for whatever might come up.

When my daughter ripped her brand new dress purchased at Duvall Days…we called Irvina…aka…our “Fairy Godmother” to see if she could fix it And she made it more beautiful than when we first purchased it! She has sewn on their Girl Scout patches when I didn’t have time to do it. She has taken our children, and others, to special events in the community, like concerts in the park and field trips, and so many other wonderful things, that otherwise, due to our schedule they would have missed. These are just a few of the special things that Irvina has done for us…but there are many, many more, too numerous to list.

Irvina is an extended part of our family, a dear friend and our own special “Fairy Godmother.” We are so blessed to have her in our lives.