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Serving infants, children and their families in Carnation and Duvall, Washington

Welcome to a place that offers it all for parents: a superb infant program with primary care givers who specialize in your child; a loving and educational program for toddlers that gives them a sense of curiosity and excitement about their world;...

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Lessons That Spark Creativity

What Learning Looks Like

Our talented teachers use creativity and play to set children down a path of lifelong learning in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Hands-On Exploration

Children are invited to have their curiosity and imagination sparked through hands-on exploration with natural materials, quality toys and creative activities.

Kindergarten Readiness

Our curriculum includes early literacy, math, science, language, art, and music.

Infant Care

003The most important event in caring for an infant, is to have that child establish a firm bond with the staff at A Quiet Forest Preschool.  Generally, one staff member becomes the primary care giver for the infant:  feeding, holding, changing diapers, becoming an expert on your child.   This helps the infant feel safe and learn how to communicate with that staff member, and is the foundation of developing a meaningful partnership with the parents.

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Children who go into the world with a strong sense of trust and autonomy, of initiative and belonging, and of industry and competence will be better prepared to deal with whatever the future has to offer than will the children with an abundance of academic skills but a damaged sense of self.  Success in life is not the product of acquired academic skills; rather success in life is the product of a healthy personality.  (author unknown)

Our Staff

Irvina reading with children at A Quiet Forest Daycare and Preschool in Duvall, WA.
Irvina Mizell Owner
Meredith smiling from inside a tunnel
Meredith Russell
Table work with Margie with at A Quiet Forest daycare and Preschool in Duvall WA
Margie Terry Assistant Teacher

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