Meredith and Irvina stand in front of the swing set

Serving infants, children and their families in Carnation and Duvall, Washington

Welcome to a place that offers it all for parents: a superb infant program with primary care givers who specialize in your child; a loving and educational program for toddlers that gives them a sense of curiosity and excitement about their world; an awesome preschool program that prepares your preschooler for Kindergarten; and a long-term commitment to your family as it grows.

Everything in a child’s life is about learning, developing the skills they need to become ready to learn the next task, be successful in school, and a contributing person in society:

  • make their name out of play dough shapes (reading),
  • pick up pine cones on a walk (science),
  • sing and dancing (physical strength),
  • pretend play with trucks, dolls, or cardboard boxes (life skills, geography),
  • paint, color, (art, reading, science, math),
  • set the table (math),
  • work with a friend to clean up (social).

All of this and more is woven into the daily curriculum of our program.

My philosophy in a nutshell can be summed up by some unknown author:

Children who go into the world with a strong sense of trust and autonomy, of initiative and belonging, and of industry and competence will be better prepared to deal with whatever the future has to offer than will the children with an abundance of academic skills but a damaged sense of self. Success in life is not the product of acquired academic skills; rather success in life is the product of a healthy personality.  (author unknown)

A Quiet Forest Preschool (formerly known as Family Childcare & Preschool) has been licensed since August 1991.  Visit the pages I’ve offered, and feel free to contact me anytime.